As you like it as a romantic comedy

As You Like It As A Romantic Comedy

As you like it as a romantic comedy, Evaluate As you like it as a romantic comedy, As you like it
As you like it as a
Romantic comedy

      As You Like It is one of the best romantic comedies of William Shakespeare, believed to be written in 1599 and published in 1603. In a romantic comedy, romantic and comic both elements are mingled. The comic elements delight and thrills while the romantic element make us laugh and forget our anxieties. Emotion, imagination and fancy are common phenomenon of romantic comedy. As you like it keep us laughing most time,  despite some sad incident in it. In this play banishment of Duke Senior and Rosalind, Oliver’s plan to set fire to Orlando’s lodging are sad happening.

       There are some criteria of romantic comedy. They are first sight love, influence of nature, supernatural element, role of forest, romantic setting, happy ending and so on.

       The most striking romantic element in the play is it’s theme of youthful love and the passion of love that has a universal appeal. Rosalind falls in love with Orlando at first side and he also falls in love the her at same instance. The love of Celia and Oliver is also a romantic affair as they also falls in love with each other at first sight. Phoebe’s love for Ganymede has also a romantic_basis.

       The play does not observe any of three dramatic unities namely unity of time, unity of action and unity of place. The unity of time demands that the action of a play should cover not more than twenty four hours, while the action of As you like it covers more than that. The unity of place demands that the entire action of a play a should performed in same town or place, but in As you like it scenes shift from city to forest of Arden and Forest of Arden to city. The unity of action demands that a play should have a single plot and should not contain any sub or under plot, but in As you like it we have as many as three sub plot beside the main plot. In other words it has a loose structure.

       The play is romantic also in it’s setting. Barring a few scenes in beginning, the story of a play has been sent to forest of Arden, in ruler surrounding. The atmosphere at the court and the in the city is always suffocating, not only because of intrigue and jealousy but also because of crowd of people. Here in the forest of Arden one may have to face rough weather and icy winds, but one is at least safe from danger of overcrowding and danger of insincerity of the people. The Forest of Arden simulates all the faculties of human being, especially the heart and the feelings.

       Moreover, there is something romantic about the attachment of Celia and her-cousin Rosalind. When Duke Frederick says that his decision of exile to Rosalind  is final, Celia takes the initiative and says she would accompany Rosalind into exile. Such affection are really heart touching. Similarly, there is something more romantic even about the loyalty and devotion of Adam to Orlando.

       The play has happy ending, as all who crave for their love are together and married. Both brothers Orlando and Oliver are also together. Duke Frederick return throne to his elder brother Duke Senior.

       There are some sweet songs that add a special charm and make melodious atmosphere in the play. As a conclusion it is proven that As you like it is a romantic comedy.

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