Ending of Othello

Ending of Othello

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Ending of play- Othello

       Othello enters Desdemona’s questers holding a candle. Desdemona is slipping. Othello is calm and sure in what he is going to do. Desdemona wakes up and ask Othello to come in bed. Othello tells her to pray (final pray of her life). Desdemona ask him the reason why he is going to kill her. Othello tells her,  about her infidelity. Desdemona begins to weep, she ask for sometime to wait. But Othello didn’t stop, he didn’t hear any request of Desdemona and smothers her with pillow.

       Suddenly Emilia knocked the door, so Othello draws bed curtains across the bed. And open the door to hear the news. Emilia says that Cassio killed Roderigo. Othello is shocked to learn that, because he was expecting the death of Cassio. Suddenly Desdemona calls out, she has been murdered. When Emilia opens the curtains and sees Desdemona, who is saying that she is innocent. But then she denies and speaks that she is committing suicide and died.

       Emilia and Othello confront each other. Othello than declares that she killed Desdemona because of her infidelity. Emilia tells, she is faithful. Othello than describe the relation of Desdemona and Cassio and also tells that Iago knew it. Now, Emilia has an idea that all the things happen just because of Iago, who pre- planned it.

       Montano, Gratiano and Iago rush into the bed chamber. Emilia reveals the truth of Iago, how he trapped Othello and also reveals that, she stole handkerchief of Desdemona (that was given by Othello) as her husband ask to stole. Othello realize that Iago lied to him and so, he attacked on Iago. But Montano save him. Iago escape from there after stabbing Emilia.

       Iago is caught back. Othello and Cassio ask him, why he did these. Iago refuse to tell. Othello again stabs Iago. This time he injured but not killed, and saved by Ludovico’s man. After that in the end, in condolence Othello stabs himself. He falls into the bed next to Desdemona and died giving finale kiss to her.

       So this the Ending of the play- Othello.

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