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Character of Mathilde

Character of Mathilde

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Character of Mathilde Loisel

         Mathilde- the character and the protagonist of the story “The diamond necklace” written by Guy De Maupassant. She is beautiful but unsatisfied from what she has. And because of dissatisfaction she even lose what she has. She is not only poor financially but also from character.

       Mathilde is the daughter of middle class family married to Mr. Loisel- a clerk in the board of education. She has proud on her Beauty as she is looking very beautiful. She is unhappy with the condition in which she is living. She believes she deserves more than what she has. She believes as she looks beautiful she should have glamorous and rich life.

       Mathilde is ashamed of present life but it doesn’t mean she does not love her husband. Though she complains about everything to her husband, she loves him deeply and most of the credit of this love goes to Mr. Loisel  as he always try to make her happy. He does hard work to fulfill her need. Though they are middle class family her husband even arrange maid servant for her.

       Mathilde, One day get a chance to live her dream life as they got invitation from the Minister of board of education to attend fancy ball. But because of dissatisfaction this party become the worst incident of her life. When they get invitation and she doesn’t has new clothes, she demands for new dress so she can look beautiful and rich. Her husband gave her money to buy dress that he saved for buy a  gun. Then she demands for necklace and this time her husband suggest to borrow it from one of her friend Mme. Forestier.  They goes to party. She was looking really beautiful, prettiest of them all, smiling and mad with joy, all the man were looking at her and asking her name as well as also ask for dance with her. She danced with passion, delight, thinking of nothing in the glory of her success. When party finished, she immediately came out of ball as there is cold outside and so, she need to wear her poor coat. She was thinking no one should notice her in this poor coat. They get a taxi and return to home. After coming home she again goes to mirror to see how she was looking at the party. And she come to know that she lost necklace- the necklace which borrowed from Mme. Forestier. They try to find it out but they have got nothing. And now they are in heavy debt as they have to pay for what they lost- the diamond necklace.

       This incident make her carful and responsible women. As they have to pay debt they have to work hard. They spent ten crucial years of their life in paying debt. As they need to spent less money they left their home and move to cheaper apartment. As they cannot afford maid servant they sacked servent. She bargains with the grocer and street vendors for cheaper price. Her clothes become old and worn. She washes dishes and does other house works that her servant was doing.

       In this crucial ten years, she even lost her beauty. She is looking older than her actual age. She becomes strong and hard women of poor house held. She speaks loudly, she got wrinkles on his chick, her hair becomes ill. And the end of the story is even more horrible for her. When she goes to Mme. Forestier from whom she borrowed necklace. She told her about their sacrifice and journey of this ten crucial years. Mme. Forestier reveals the truth about necklace that socked her. Mme. Forestier told that- necklace was fake And it is worth of 500 francs. Mathilde almost cried here, for what her dissatisfaction brings her, much poorty than before, and that too for her greedy need.

       Here in the play The diamond necklace- two sides of character mathilde is shown. Before losing of necklace, she was different, expecting glamorous and luxurious life, unhappy from situation and even unhappy from kind of family in which she born. She was thinking that if she could born in good family, she could merry a rich guy and could have luxurious life. After losing necklace, she appears differently accepting the situation, she become mature. She does hard work, understanding paying debt is responsibility.

       So, this is the character analysis of mathilde.

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