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Character of Othello

Character of Othello

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Character sketch

       Othello- a moor, a black man- originally from Africa. He was separated from home and family in early age. Followed by danger and adventure , he survived. He survived in such a spectacular and successful manner, ending up most powerful man and become general in the defense army of Venice. People regard him for his position and bravery. His successful profession brings him high status. It is not easy to get this position as a black man, living among Whitish people. He is a stranger who has earned reputation and honor in this land.

       Othello is an intelligent and confident in military matters but he is  socially insecure. He is different from those around him. He is visibly different due to color of skin so he lives constantly among, but separated from other people. Whenever people look at his black face, however the brilliant general he is, he knows the other are thinking “ yes, but he is not really one of us.”

       Othello is brave soldier. Desdemona- daughter of senator falls in love with him by hearing his bravery. Both loves each other and they have got married without informing father of Desdemona. When senator complains to Duke about this marriage, just because of he is Othello- general in defense army, Duke make their marriage legal.

       Despite being a strong man, Othello has a weaker Side to his character. He is exploited for his weakness by Insigne Iago. The main reason behind it, Iago wants to take revenge on Othello as Othello promoted Cassio on the position of lieutenant instead of him. He was thinking he deserved that post. As well as Iago understand that, his wife slept with Othello and so he wants to make realize that how we feel when our wife sleep with someone else. However Iago trapped Othello. Othello started feeling insecure and jealous and it become turning point in Othello’s life.

       Othello is good on the field of battle and he has good understanding in that matter. But in social life he is insecure. He started believing in what information given by Iago. There are also some incidence happened which are responsible for Othello’s jealousy. But what you see Is not always right. Othello didn’t even try to know the truth from Desdemona about the fake Iago teach him. He develop belief that since he is black, his wife may get interested in some other person. And also, Othello is coming from the culture where physical_relations are valid even before marriage. After the incident of handkerchief, Othello’s insecurity surpassed his love. He plans to kill Desdemona, and so he cannot even wait for time asked by Desdemona.

       A wonderful man is lost to his own intriguing mind and jealousy fueled by Iago. He falls from the stature and kills his wife. But soon he is up with reality. The brave man decide to committee suicide and dies saying “ tis happiness to die”.

       So, this is the Character sketch of Othello.

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