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Character of Rosalind

Character of Rosalind

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Character of Rosalind
(As you like it)

       Rosalind- the daughter of Duke senior, considered as Shakespeare’s one of the most delightful heroin is independent minded, strong-willed, good hearted and terribly clever.

       Rosalind has humble spirit, she demonstrate this through her loyalty to her cousin Celia. Rosalind and Celia both are together from young age . When her father is exiled by father of Celia, she still decide to stay with Celia to give company to her. Rosalind must have felt torn between the father she loves and the uncle who cheated him out of throne, but she doesn’t show any bitterness. Because she accept the role to stay, regardless of her own deep sadness of her fathers banishment. She got support from Celia and so, Celia left her father to accompany Rosalind while going to forest of Arden.

       Rosalind’s wit is sharp. She proves herself In the beginning of the play before the banishment, both the girl tease about the enigma that women are either beautiful and loose or unattractive and honest. And wonder why women cannot be both beautiful and honest. She proves that she is beautiful and honest.

       Rosalind is soft hearted. When she come to know that a young boy Orlando is going to fight with three time wrestling champion Charles. She went to Orlando to explain that he may die if he fights. She also asked Duke to stop the fight. After Orlando’s win, Rosalind think that he is an excellent. And she is glad when she come to know that Orlando is son of Sir Rowland- a friend of his father. She gave Orlando her necklace as a token.

       Rosalind also demonstrate her wit and ingenuity when she decided to disguise herself as Ganymede- a young gentleman. She escaped with Celia- disguised as shepherdess from City. She disguised because they are going to forest of Arden, and so no one will attack on them in the woods. Rosalind’s disguise is so good that even the person who loves her in first sight, cannot identify her. She even fool her father by this disguise whom she meet later in forest of Arden.

       We see her selfless nature, during journey towards the forest of Arden. Rosalind is extremely weary, but her new role as a Ganymede help her to keep focus off from her own problems. Regardless of her own weary discomfort, she focuses on needs of others. She buys a cottage at the edge of the woods. She finds shelter as well as food for herself and for others.

       Banishment can make person more weaker. But Rosalind uses her trip to forest of Arden as opportunity to take control of her own destiny. She takes the charge and make the best of difficult situation.

       Rosalind has patience. When she comes to know Orlando is in love with her, she wait ls and test Orlando to see if he truly loves her. And after knowing she can reveal herself to him, but she wait for the right time.

       Rosalind organized a marriage of four couple including her, Celia’s, and of two other couples in the middle of forest, which is not an easy task. She arrange everything in a way no one is going to hurt, and everyone will be happy in the end.

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