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Duchess of malfi as a revenge tragedy

Duchess of malfi as a revenge tragedy

Duchess of malfi as a revenge tragedy, Duchess of malfi a revenge tragedy
Duchess of malfi as a
Revenge tragedy

       The revenge tragedy is a tragedy in which murder victim it often avenged by younger kinsmen, and usually resulting in death of both murderer and avenger. The common feature or revenge tragedy are the motive of revenge, horror upon horror, presence of supernatural, madness, an avenging hero etc…

Let we evaluate Duchess of malfi through feature

       The Duchess of malfi become widow earlier. He has two brothers Ferdinand and Cardinal. They both don’t want that Duchess remarry ad so they urges Duchess not to remarry. They think that it shows lustful nature of her and remarrying of Duchess will injure the pride and status of their family. But the actual reason is that both brother don’t want any inheritance from duchess. If she marry, fortune of here get divided among. But Duchess ignore their urges and marry with one of her Steward Antonio. They got married secretly. To know the truth Ferdinand hired a spy named Bosola. When Bosola realize that Duchess is pregnant. He gave an apricot to eat to check Duchesses pregnancy. She ate it. Duchesses having problems and so Antonio asks Bosola about apricot, at that time when Antonio leave from there one shit of paper fall down from his hand. In which there is horoscope of their child. Bosola collect it and confirms that Duchess got married to someone, and he informs Duchesses brother about it. Now both the brother wants revenge. And so, remarry of Duchess become the motive of revenge here.

       We find plenty of horror scenes here. In order to horrify the Duchess, Duke went to her in dark and offer a dead man to kiss. Duchess kissed that hand as she was thinking it was her brothers hand. The dead bodies of Antonio and his children presented before the Duchess, which are actually a wax statues which is really horrible. Madman are left in the prison of Duchess their dance and voice are really horrible. The appearance of Bosola as a tomb maker and bellman and the appearance of Executioners creates further horror. Ferdinand arranged this all the to horrify her sister and to torture her. And so by this torture she kills herself. Basically Ferdinand doesn’t want to take blame on himself of killing the Duchesses.

       Here the presence of supernatural are shown as it’s is one of the characteristic of revenge tragedy. All the villains Ferdinand, cardinal, Bosola and even the hero Antonio are haunted by Spirit of dead Duchess. Bosola confesses that he sees images of Duchess. There is Oman of echo coming out from the tomb of Duchess, that warns Antonio he gets killed if he goes to the palace of cardinal. Ferdinand who became mad confesses he is haunted by Spirit of dead Duchess.

       In the revenge tragedy some character become mad. Here Ferdinand become mad. When he sees the dead body of the Duchess- her sister, he is in great condolence. And in condolence he become mad. In madness he tries_to throttle his own Shadow and cries  “strangle is a cruel death”. In this madness he develop a decease in which he imagine himself as a wolf. He often visits graveyard and dig out bodies like a wolf.
       In a revenge tragedy we fine common character as revenge hero, who is corrupt, crazy in his goal, who can do anything to get money and reward. Bosola is such type of character here. He involves in vulgar activities violence and killing. He was hired by Ferdinand to spying on Duchess. He was with Ferdinand when Ferdinand was taking revenge to Duchess. But later he became avenging hero as well.

       Avenge is an important aspect of revenge tragedy. After the death of Duchess Ferdinand experience unexpected remorse. He blames Bosola to kill duchess and refuse to give reward as promised. Ferdinand call him villain. Now Bosola is able to understand his mistake and feels mercy for Duchess. He wishes that he could undo that but Duchess is dead. Now he decide to take avenge for the death of Duchess. With the intention of killing the cardinal he enters the palace but mistakenly in dark he kills Antonio. Bosola then go for cardinal. Cardinal cries for help but Bosola stabs him. Suddenly Ferdinand came and he gave mortal wound to both Bosola and Cardinal as he understands both as evil. Bosola in return stabs the Ferdinand. And all three dies here at the end.

       From the explanation given above we can conclude that Duchess of malfi is a revenge tragedy.
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