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Ending of Duchess of malfi

Ending of Duchess of malfi

Ending of Duchess of malfi, Ending of the play Duchess of malfi, Duchess of malfi, Avenge taken by Bosola, killing of Ferdinand and Cardinal In the play Duchess of malfi
Ending of
Duchess of malfi

       After the death of Duchess, Bosola ask for reward to Ferdinand. But Ferdinand, when he see the dead body of Duchess, he is in great remorse. He become mad, and so he denied to give reward to Bosola. Ferdinand blames Bosola for the death of Duchess, as Bosola didn’t defend Duchess. Bosola realized his guilt. He has mercy on Duchess. But he can do nothing now, Duchess is already dead.

       On the other side Antonio, didn’t know about the death of Duchess,  planning to meet Cardinal so they can solve what is going on. Antonio get information that Ferdinand is in Milan, so he left Milam to visit Cardinal in his palace.

       Ferdinand became totally mad. In his madness he develop a decease in which he imagine himself as a wolf. He act as a wolf, often visit graveyard and dig out bodies like a wolf.

       Bosola come to Cardinal and ask for reward of killing Duchess, because Ferdinand is too crazy to give it. Cardinal ask him to kill Antonio first and then he will have reward for him. But Bosola here, decide to take avenge of Duchesses murder and to save Antonio.

       Antonio reach near the palace of Cardinal. He got hint from echo sign coming out from the tomb of dead Duchess, that he got killed if he goes to the palace. Dalio who is with him, advise him not to Visit palace. But Antonio refuse Dalio's  advice.

       Cardinal instruct every Stewart not to come outside in night, whatever happens. Bosola and Antonio both enters that Cardinal palace. In the dark Bosola mistakenly kills Antonio instead of Cardinal. When he realized he is Antonio. He tells Antonio everything about Duchess and what Happened with her. And Antonio die.

       Bosola then go for Cardinal, taking Antonio’s body with him. Bosola tells Cardinal that he is here to kill him. Cardinal cries for help but no one come as he instructed everyone not to come outside at night. Bosola stabs him. Cardinal continues to call for help. Ferdinand appears there. He gave mortal wound to both of them(as he understands them both as devil). In return Bosola also stabs Ferdinand. And so, everyone died. Before dying, Bosola explain everything to Stewards. In the end Dalio also enters with the eldest son of Antonio and Duchess, the only soul survivor of the family.

So these is the ending of tragedy Duchess of malfi

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