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Handkerchief scene in Othello

Handkerchief scene in Othello

Handkerchief scene from the play Othello, Handkerchief scene-Othello
Handkerchief scene from
play- Othello

       Desdemona sends clown to Cassio, to tell him that she has made her suit to Othello. After clown departs Desdemona wonders what Happened with handkerchief (she didn’t find handkerchief). She ask Emilia, who  present here, but she denied and told she don’t know about it.

       Othello enters. He takes Desdemona’s hand in his hand and notice that it is moist. Desdemona tries to talk about Cassio’s suit(ask him to return the position of lieutenant). Othello tells her that he has headache and asks for handkerchief that he gave to her as a gift. Desdemona tells, she doesn’t have it in her hand. Othello than tells the history of handkerchief ( handkerchief is a magic that was given to his mother by an Egyptian sorceress, who tells her that the women who lost it, will lose her husband. Othello’s mother gave that handkerchief to Othello when she was on death bad and instruct him, to give it to his wife or whom he marry. Desdemona says she doesn’t have it right now, but it is not lost. Othello again demand to get it. Desdemona try to change the subject and so, with anger Othello left from there.

       Cassio and Iago enters. Cassio suddenly ask about his suit to Desdemona. She tell him to have patience. Because Othello is in bad humor. Iago exits, promising to look into Othello’s anger.

       Emilia tells Desdemona that Othello is jealous, but Desdemona tells that he may be upset for some political matter. Emilia and Desdemona exits to look for Othello.

       While Cassio waits there. Bianca, a prostitute enters there. She tells Cassio that he does not visit her enough. Cassio  replies that he is in trouble, and ask her to copy the handkerchief he hands to her. Bianca thinks that the handkerchief must be given to him by any other mistress. Cassio speaks, he don’t know whose handkerchief it is. He found it in his room. And they left from there after promising to meet later.

       So this is the summery of Handkerchief scene fron the play Othello.


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