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Intonation, what is intonation, Intonation in English, Intonation in English Language

       The rise and fall of voice in speaking is intonation. In a language in which inflexions  has been greatly reduced, word-order must become relatively more rigid. One consequence of this tendency to a fixed word-order will be an increase in the role of intonation in this language. For since the varying of order of word is no longer so possible as a means of conveying shades of meaning such as those that depends on emphasis, this emphasis must be obtained by other means: and the varying of tone to indicate meaning is no longer expressible by placing emphatic word in appropriate position in the sentence, is one of the chief of those employed in modern English.
       In a language of the Germanic type with a relatively fixed stress, like English,  become more neutral with musical variety of tone to indicate shades of meaning become much more neutral.  For these reason such language as Chinese with the distinction of inflexions, and even the whole scheme of part of speech,  completely removed,  and find its neutral way  of development through a fundamental system of tone and tone groups. A change of tone in Chinese language, will turn “to buy” into “to sell”.

       In English, the process of reduction  of inflexions and it’s consequence has reached nothing like so far as the so called monosyllabism of Chinese, and therefore  intonation does not play fundamental part in Syntax of the language. Intonation has very important and far reaching role. There is a close bond between stress and tone(or pitch). A strong stress, for an example, often corresponding with a rising tone. Such a sentence as 'you are going to buy that house’ may be a statement of fact or a question according to whether the tone is falling or rising at the end. ‘you are going to buy that house' with the voice on a falling tone at end stats the fact: but 'you are going to buy that house?’ with a final high tone ask a question. Other tone variation can be express surprise that the house is bought. There are many kind of sentence with a different meaning dependent on varying tone of voice, in which verb do uttered.

       A phonetic transcript tells only the truth about passage of speech. For the full reproduction, it is necessary to have it recorded in a notation which shewed the various tones throughout rising, falling, level, rising-falling and falling-rising. Some find it more effective to indicate the exact varieties of pitch in speech by using a wavy line  above the word adjusting it’s height or depression according to degree of rising or lowering of the voice.

       So this is the basic information about Intonation.
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