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Homophones and Homonyms

Homophones and Homonyms
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Homophones and Homonyms

       The spelling of words are different, but pronunciation are same is called as Homophones (from Greek Homos- 'same' and phones- 'sound').

       The spelling of words are identical, but pronunciation are different is called as Homonyms(from Greek Homos- 'same' and onumos- 'name').
       Homophones and Homonyms are especially arise in a relatively uninflected language like English, but as a rule the context makes the chance of real ambiguity or confusion very light.

        The homonyms, Lead(name of a metal) and lead(verb) are distinguished by pronunciation. Homophones red(name of color) and read(past of verb to read) are kept apart by spelling. But as a general rule,  if there is a serious confusion between pair of homophones, one or other must disappear from the language. Any confounding of Homonyms are prevented by their difference in pronunciation generally.

       When homophones became so confusible it cause real difficulty, that is called conflict of homophones.
For ex.. the word queen and quean (caused until 18th century for ‘a loose women') remained in common use till the time when both were pronounced alike in late 18th century. Queen was pronounced much as it is today from the late 15th century, but quean was sounded as (CWE:N) in the 17th century to mid 18th century. But then quean was identical in sound with queen thus quean disappeared except in such dialect as continue by keeping it pronunciation different from queen.

       An Austrian count visiting London in 1770’s said to have abruptly ended his social Career in the salons where he had played cards with the ladies, because he would persist in calling his queen a quean.

       This is the general intro of Homophones and Homonyms.

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